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Cool Laser Welding Machine Realizes The Freedom Of Automated Mass Production

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Cool Laser Welding Machine Realizes The Freedom Of Automated Mass Production

Power batteries are the core components of new energy vehicles, and they have extremely high requirements for battery production equipment

Lithium-ion batteries are currently recognized as the best power battery solution and an important component of new energy vehicles. Power lithium batteries are mainly used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, scooters, etc., also known as lithium-ion power batteries, power lithium batteries, etc. The main forms are divided into cylindrical, square and pouch batteries. Since the technical indicators of new energy vehicles such as cruising distance, top speed, battery-to-vehicle weight ratio, and energy density are closely related to power batteries, the quality of lithium batteries directly determines the performance of new energy vehicles. Therefore, power batteries are the "heart" of new energy vehicles , The procurement cost of power batteries generally accounts for 30%-40% of the cost of new energy vehicles; power lithium batteries are mainly ternary material batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the downstream is the installed application of new energy vehicles.

The energy density and safety performance of power batteries, and the requirements for production automation are gradually increasing, and high requirements are placed on the accuracy, safety and consistency of production equipment. As the core component of new energy vehicles, the power battery has a complicated manufacturing process, and its manufacturing technology and equipment requirements are extremely high. On the one hand, the government raises the threshold of financial subsidies, links the subsidy standard with the energy density of batteries, and encourages enterprises to continuously optimize processes, improve energy conversion efficiency, increase energy density, and reduce weight; on the other hand, as the production capacity of power battery manufacturers continues to expand , Reducing production costs has become an important consideration for power battery manufacturers, and improving production efficiency through equipment automation has become an inevitable choice.

When it comes to automated production and production efficiency, we have to mention Fly Laser's "Cooling Laser Welding Machine" - a six-axis robotic laser welding machine and a fully automatic through-type lithium battery laser welding machine.

Six-axis robot laser welding machine, as the name suggests, it has six axes, each axis has a motor equipped with a reducer, and the movement mode and direction of each axis are also different, each axis is actually a simulation of each joint of the human hand Actions. The biggest feature of the six-axis robot is that it can weld 360°, and multiple stations can be welded at the same time within the effective range of the arm span, which greatly increases the output of batteries.

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