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Cause Analysis And Solution Of Uneven Marking Effect Of Laser Marking Machine

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Cause Analysis And Solution Of Uneven Marking Effect Of Laser Marking Machine

As we all know, fiber laser marking machines mainly engrave metal products, but can non-metal products, such as plastic fiber marking machines, be marked? In fact, the fiber laser marking machine can mark plastic products. The output power of the fiber laser marking machine is generally not high. As long as the parameters are adjusted properly, the laser will only evaporate a thin layer of the plastic surface without burning the plastic itself. But it is only suitable for some plastics. If it is all non-metallic, it is recommended to use a carbon dioxide laser marking machine to engrave.

Ordinary plastics are fine, but this needs to be tried several times. First, set the power, speed, and frequency to the middle values, and set them to high and low-key. Foaming, so it depends on the specific material of your plastic. You can only try it slowly. The power and frequency are adjusted for five values, and the speed is adjusted for five hundred values. Each time you adjust, two are fixed, and only one parameter is adjusted.

Fiber laser marking machine marks plastic, can the logo be wiped off? Generally not, laser markings are generally permanent, unless the surface is scraped off, it cannot be wiped off. Therefore, marking the production date with a laser marking machine, the anti-counterfeiting logo is still very useful.

What type of laser is generally used to mark plastic products with good effect?

Plastic products generally use UV laser marking machines with good results. The reason why the laser engraving effect of plastic products using ultraviolet laser marking machine is good is mainly due to the high precision and high speed of ultraviolet laser marking machine. This kind of marking machine can produce extremely high energy density within a small focal spot range, thereby achieving precise marking of plastic materials, and the marking effect is clearer and more exquisite.

At the same time, the UV laser marking machine adopts a non-contact marking method, which will not cause physical damage to plastic materials during the marking process. The marking speed is extremely fast, which can improve production efficiency. In addition, the UV laser marking machine also has high-quality marking durability. The marked patterns and text are extremely durable and will not fade or blur over time.

1.How to judge the uneven surface effect of laser engraving products

The method of judging the uneven surface effect of laser engraving products mainly includes observing the clarity and consistency of the marking effect. If the surface patterns, text or symbols of the marked product are blurred, inconsistent in density or uneven in color, it can be judged that the surface effect of the laser engraving product is uneven.

2.Under what circumstances will the product marking effect be uneven?

Uneven product marking may be caused by the following conditions:

a. The energy quality of the laser beam becomes worse.

b. The level of the machine is not adjusted properly, that is, the vibration lens or field lens is not parallel to the processing table.

c. The laser output spot is blocked, causing part of the spot to be blocked when the laser passes through the galvanometer. After being focused by the field lens, the spot displayed on the frequency doubling film is non-circular.

d. There is a problem with the galvanometer signal, or the galvanometer is interfered by the outside world, causing the galvanometer to vibrate slightly during the marking process, making the text or pattern marked by the laser unclear.

3.How to improve the uneven surface of laser marking products

To improve the uneven surface of laser marking products, you can consider the following methods:

a. Adjust the parameters of the laser: By optimizing the parameter settings of the laser, the quality and energy stability of the laser beam can be improved, thereby improving the uniformity of the marking effect.

b. Make sure the equipment is adjusted horizontally: Make sure the galvanometer or field lens of the laser marking machine is parallel to the processing table to avoid uneven marking effects caused by equipment imbalance.

c. Clean and protect the lens: Clean the lens regularly to ensure there is no dust, dirt or other obstructions to ensure that the transmission of the laser beam is uninterrupted.

d. Eliminate external interference: Check and eliminate external factors that may interfere with the galvanometer signal to ensure the normal operation of the galvanometer to improve the clarity and consistency of marking.

e. Use high-quality consumables and accessories: Choose reliable quality consumables and accessories, such as lasers, galvanometers, etc., to ensure the stability of the equipment and the consistency of the marking effect.

f. Carry out timely equipment maintenance: According to the manufacturer's recommendations, perform regular equipment maintenance and upkeep to ensure that the equipment is operating in optimal condition.

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