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Can Ultraviolet Marking Machine Laser Have Radiation To Human Body?

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Can Ultraviolet Marking Machine Laser Have Radiation To Human Body?

In the eyes of outsiders, the laser of the ultraviolet marking machine is a harmful speed of radiation to the human body, not close to touch, of course, including there will be a part of the industry think so, laser is also divided into many kinds, so this cognition is correct, so the ultraviolet marking machine laser radiation harm to the human body?

Ultraviolet laser marking machine, as a series of marking machine, uses laser beams to mark on the surface of various different substances. The marking effect is caused by the evaporation of the surface material, or by "carving" the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by light energy.

I believe that just engaged in the laser industry soon staff more or less will have such concerns, laser will not be harmful to the body, often do time will not cause damage to some muscles of the body?

Ulv laser wavelength is shorter than visible wavelength, is invisible to the naked eye, so the ultraviolet laser marking machine beam is very small, operator mark workpiece usually stare at, eyes is fragile trachea, accept the light not too stimulation, stay in a long time, so if keep stimulation state for a long time, always have certain influence on human eyes, so, working, try to bring protective glasses. Uv laser marking equipment will not produce toxic or harmful human gas.

Uv marking machine is widely used in electronic components, wire speed limit, reflective film, plastic buttons, sapphire, glass, ceramic tile, aluminum plate, sign and other metal materials non-metallic materials especially suitable for 

ultraviolet laser marking equipment processing, suitable for the industry has electronic communications, electrical, instruments, watches, glasses, jewelry, ceramics, etc.

Will the UV laser marking machine bring high radiation?

There is radiation, but definitely not high radiation. A lot of things will have radiation production, and even our own —— human body will produce trace radiation every day, this is a normal phenomenon. And there are many kinds of radiation: nuclear radiation, solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation, computer. Radiation and so on are often mentioned, there is the possibility of causing harm to the human body.

1. The maximum radiation value that the human body can withstand: it is currently believed that the amount of radiation up to 1000 MSv will cause significant damage to the human body.

2. Mobile phone radiation is measured by SAR value. SAR represents the allowable radiation amount per unit of organism (including human body), and this SAR value represents the impact of radiation on human body, which is the most direct test value. Take the sensitive part of human body —— brain as an example, its SAR standard value must be lower than 1.67 watts.

3. According to relevant data, the highest SAR value of CDMA mobile phone used in the market has a right of 1.55W / KG, while the highest SAR value of GSM mobile phone one is 1.49W / KG, the CDMA mobile phone with the lowest SAR value is 1.07W / KG, and the lowest GSM mobile phone is 0.22W / KG.

4. Take a 20W fiber laser marking machine as an example, its radiation amount in the running state is 0.00029W / cm ^ while the microwave radiation standard set in 1998 is 0.00045W / cm It can be said that the amount of radiation generated in the use of laser marking machine is much smaller than that using mobile phones and household microwave ovens.

We usually contact with the smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, TV, etc., all have their own radiation. It's true that trace radiation is generated with a laser marking machine, but that radiation is even less than what you receive outside in the sun.

Will toxic gas be produced in the marking process of ultraviolet laser marking machine?

First of all, the laser marking machine uses the thermal energy of the laser to burn or etch the marked items, so as to form text, patterns, marks and other things needed, only electricity can achieve production, in the marking process due to the different materials sometimes will produce trace amounts of toxic gas.

1.plastic: most of the combustion will produce phenolic gas, PVC insulation combustion released a large amount of hydrogen chloride gas, flue gas contains a lot of carbon monoxide, plastic thermal intermediate gas and sulfide and other mixed toxic gases. But this is when the plastic is completely burned, and of course, the heat from the laser can also causes the plastic to produce trace amounts of toxic gas.

2.most of the metal materials can be used for laser marking because of its stable nature and high density reasons, usually will not produce toxic gas, but aluminum material in the process of marking will produce trace dust.

Therefore, laser marking is best to be well ventilated or with professional cleaning equipment. 

Can the laser burn the human skin?

The laser emitted by the ultraviolet laser marking machine will have a certain amount of high heat. The laser used by the laser marking machine belongs to 4 types of laser, its output laser is invisible infrared light, so pay attention to avoid the eyes or skin exposed to direct laser beam or scattered radiation, note that it is direct. As a result, as long as the laser marker is not intentionally triggered in dangerous situations, and few people will put their hands or other parts of the body directly under the laser marker head. In addition, the application of laser technology in human skin is also a very common technology, such as laser mole, laser tattoo, etc.

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