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Automated Assembly Line Stores Power For Power Battery Welding And Power Generation

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Automated Assembly Line Stores Power For Power Battery Welding And Power Generation

New energy vehicles, solar energy, wind energy grid connection, mobile communication base stations, electric logistics vehicles... Batteries have played a vital role in the development of the new energy industry.

Each square battery case is composed of a cover and a cover. This cover seals a cover with a battery cell, transmits the energy inside, and at the same time ensures the safety of the battery cell. It is sealed and safe for components. The relief pressure, electrical performance, size and appearance of the valve have high requirements.

At present, the commonly used cover plates in the market include rivet type column cover plate, minimalist pole cover plate, pole injection molded cover plate and so on. Although there are various structural forms, most of them are composed of positive and negative parts and explosion-proof valve parts. Therefore, the welding quality will directly affect the use and safety of the battery.

1500w fiber laser welding machine

The power source of new energy vehicles is lithium batteries, and power batteries are a type of power supply for various tools, mainly for electric vehicles, trains, bicycles, golf carts, etc.

The power battery is a key component of new energy vehicles, and the structural design of its conductive joints is an important part of it. The connection method of the battery cell and the module busbar of the power battery is directly related to the production efficiency of the power battery, and also related to whether the production of the power battery can be automated.

In the welding of lithium battery modules, methods such as laser welding, ultrasonic welding, and resistance welding are used. Among them, laser welding combined with industrial robots has gradually become the main component of the automated module production line. Using high-efficiency welding technology, it is easy to realize automation.

Laser welding is a high-efficiency, high-precision welding process that uses a high-power laser as a heat source. At present, there are many types of laser welding welding methods: positive and negative poles, explosion-proof valves, partial cover plates, etc.

Feilei Laser's fully automatic power battery module PACK production line is suitable for welding explosion-proof valves and assembling square aluminum shell batteries for energy storage.

The whole line is divided into two sections: PACK assembly line and assembly line. Key units: manipulator loading, sorting machine, extrusion binding, CCD polarity detection, laser cleaning, side plate welding, busbar welding, total pressure insulation test, GN bad discharge Mechanisms, main assembly lines, etc. can be customized according to user requirements.

The entire production line is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and has a high degree of automation. It conducts a comprehensive inspection of each process to ensure product quality, MES traceability, and accurate tracking of all welding and related process parameters.

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