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Application Of Laser Welding Technology In The Field Of New Energy Square Battery

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Application Of Laser Welding Technology In The Field Of New Energy Square Battery

Today's new energy vehicles can accelerate from 100 kilometers in just a few seconds, allowing more people to experience the thrill of "super running". The power that drives the new energy vehicle Fengchi Electric comes from hundreds of thousands of lithium battery cells. In the manufacturing process of lithium batteries or battery packs, there are more than 20 processes that need to be welded to achieve conductive connection or sealing. The quality of welding plays a vital role in the safety performance of the vehicle.

Laser welding is an important non-contact welding method, which realizes the interatomic bonding of two separated products by focusing a high-energy laser beam on the surface or inside of the product to be processed. Compared with traditional argon arc welding and resistance welding, ultrasonic welding and laser welding have significant advantages: first, the heat-affected zone is small; second, non-contact processing; third, high processing efficiency.

1500w fiber laser welding machine

In the field of new energy lithium batteries, laser welding technology has been widely used in welding tabs, battery shells, sealing nails, soft connections, explosion-proof valves, battery modules, etc.

Rectangular lithium batteries include aluminum-shell prismatic batteries and steel-shell prismatic batteries. The interior adopts winding or laminated technology, which protects the battery cells better than soft-pack batteries. Compared with cylindrical batteries, the battery cells are safer. improved.

The share of lithium battery aluminum case is higher than that of steel case, which is determined by the performance advantages of aluminum case such as high hardness, light weight and high safety. Square lithium batteries can be customized according to product size, so there are so many models and specifications on the market, which makes it difficult to unify the process of square batteries. The standardization of square batteries is a trend, which is of great significance for group production and later maintenance.

The welding of the cover plate of the square battery case is mainly divided into top welding and side welding. There is a rectangular cover plate on the top with a positive lead-out end on it. Insert the cover plate into the shell to be flush with the upper opening, and then use a laser to weld the rectangular gap between the cover plate and the shell in a repeated and continuous laser manner. , This welding process is called top welding. In top welding, the laser beam can be fixed, and the battery is fixed on the workbench. After the laser beam is aimed at the weld, the workbench is started to make the battery go out and in turn along the X and Y coordinates of the workbench. A rectangular figure with the same weld seam. When the cover plate of the square battery adopts the top welding sealing structure process, there is no positioning step for the cover plate placement, and the length and dimension tolerance requirements are stricter, and the welding assembly accuracy requirements are higher.

For workpieces with high precision requirements, higher precision and more powerful laser welding equipment is usually used. For welding high-precision electronic equipment, fly Laser has developed and manufactured a gantry large-format continuous fiber laser welding machine.

Mr. Fu Yun, general manager of Fly Laser, said that the growth in demand for new energy vehicles has prompted the rapid upgrading of products in the field of lithium battery equipment. In terms of production capacity, fly Laser's new production capacity has increased by 30% compared with last year, and it plans to build a new production base that can increase the company's existing production capacity by 80% in the future.

He also said that Feilei Laser is an enterprise focusing on the production of laser welding equipment for lithium batteries. The equipment products produced by the company through self-research and self-production have greater advantages than other products in the industry, and can provide customers with high-quality lithium batteries. Laser welding equipment and automation solutions.

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