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Application Background Of Laser Welding In Lithium Battery

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Application Background Of Laser Welding In Lithium Battery

Laser welding is a kind of high-energy laser to form an internal structure on the surface of the processed product, so that two separated products can be atomically connected. Compared with conventional argon arc welding and resistance welding, laser welding technology has great advantages; one is less heat-affected zone, the other is non-contact processing, and the third is high processing efficiency. In the field of new energy lithium batteries, Xinde laser welding machines have been widely used in tabs, battery shells, soft joints, explosion-proof valves, battery modules, etc.

As we all know, the power source of new energy vehicles is lithium battery, its performance determines its endurance and mileage, and the quality of its manufacturing process will directly affect the market performance of new energy vehicles. Therefore, in order to improve the performance of power batteries, many companies are adopting more advanced processing methods, such as laser technology.

Today's new energy vehicles can reach a speed of 100 kilometers in a few seconds, which makes many people feel the fun of "supercar". Hundreds of lithium battery units constitute the high-speed driving power of new energy vehicles. In the production of lithium batteries or battery packs, there are more than 20 processes that use welding to achieve conductivity or sealing. The quality of welding is directly related to the safety of the car.

The continuous development of technology and technology will make the laser a non-contact flexible processing tool. Laser manufacturing will become a convenient, high-speed, environmentally friendly and energy-saving advanced manufacturing technology. It will promote the development of my country's industrial technology and improve the technical level of products to adapt to the development of the country's manufacturing industry. Xinde Laser has extensive research and application experience in the field of new energy lithium batteries, and has many application examples in precision electronics and auto parts. Xinde Laser will further carry out the research and development of laser technology and the integration of automation, so as to make China's automation industry bigger and stronger.

Fly Laser adheres to the core values of "integrity, science, win-win, innovation, and service", and continuously increases capital investment, improves technology research and development efforts, and builds a highly professional, high-quality scientific research team and after-sales The team automatically brings high efficiency and technology leads the future. Xinde people continue to pursue higher technological breakthroughs in new energy lithium battery welding intelligent equipment, and explore and develop the future for intelligent manufacturing of "highly intelligent manufacturing solutions" in the field of lithium batteries.

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