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Analysis Of Welding Difficulties In Different Parts Of Lithium Battery Laser Welding

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With the popularization of electric vehicles, the welding of lithium batteries has become the primary production task of many manufacturers. Lithium batteries of different shapes have different welding difficulties. The following explains the welding difficulties in turn.

1. Welding of soft-packed tabs requires high requirements for welding equipment, and the tabs must be pressed firmly to ensure the welding gap. It can realize high-speed welding of complex trajectories such as S shape and spiral shape, increase the joint area of weld seam and strengthen welding strength at the same time.

2. The welding of cylindrical batteries is mainly used for the welding of the positive electrode. Since the shell of the negative electrode is thin, it is very easy to weld through. For example, some manufacturers currently use the negative electrode welding-free process, and the positive electrode uses laser welding.

3. When the square battery is assembled and welded, after the pole or the connecting piece is polluted, when the connecting piece is welded, the pollutants will decompose, and it is easy to form a welding explosion point, resulting in holes; the battery with a thin pole and a plastic or ceramic structure under it, Easy to weld through. When the pole is small, it is also easy to be welded to the point where the plastic burns, forming a burst point. Do not use multi-layer connection sheets, there are holes between layers, and it is not easy to weld firmly.

4. The most important process of the welding process of the square battery is the packaging of the shell cover, which is divided into welding of the top cover and the bottom cover according to the position. Some battery manufacturers use the "deep drawing" process to manufacture the battery case due to the small size of the battery produced, and only need to weld the top cover. The welding methods of prismatic batteries are mainly divided into side welding and top welding. The main advantage of side welding is that it has less impact on the inside of the battery cell, and spatter will not easily enter the inside of the case cover. Since the bulge may be caused after welding, which will slightly affect the assembly of the subsequent process, the side welding process has extremely high requirements on the stability of the laser and the cleanliness of the material. As the top welding process is welded on one surface, the requirements for the integration of welding equipment are relatively low, and mass production is simple, but there are also two disadvantages. One is that a little spatter may enter the battery core during welding, and the other is the front part of the shell. High processing requirements can lead to cost problems.

Efficient and precise laser welding can greatly improve the safety and service life of automotive power batteries, and will bring revolutionary progress to future automotive power technology; there are many laser welding parts for power batteries, and there are pressure and leakage test requirements. Most of the materials are Aluminum, because of the difficulty of welding, has higher requirements on the welding process. The welding of the power battery shell is mainly side welding and top welding. Both sides have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, due to the particularity of the material, the aluminum shell battery is prone to problems such as protrusions and pores. The square battery is welded at the corner. prone to problems.

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