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Analysis Of The Precautions For The Safe And Correct Use Of The Laser Welding Machine

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Analysis Of The Precautions For The Safe And Correct Use Of The Laser Welding Machine

Daily gold jewelry, silver jewelry, titanium metal jewelry, stainless steel plate jewelry and so on are all produced according to the jewelry laser welding machine. This kind of fine alloy, jewelry, production processing but very laborious, with laser welding machine this difficulty is solved. Laser focus after the specification is not large, the thermal hazard area is small, the production and processing is meticulous, can carry out some common ways can not reach the processing process.

Accessory laser welding machine in the parameter table will note the name refrigeration method: water cooling. The DC welding machine with small output power is selected with embedded water cooling, and the output power is selected with external water cooling machine. According to the size of the welding machine laser output power, equipped with different specifications of the industrial chiller. The heat reduction effect of the chiller can ensure the operating temperature of the laser welding machine in the suitable category. Excellent temperature control can improve the light rate of the laser, improve the welding quality, and create exquisite accessories.

Jewelry laser spot welding machine use skills

Start-on sequence: 1. Turn on the main power supply switch.2. Open the chiller switch.(Note: the temperature of the chiller should not exceed 30 degrees) 3. Turn on the laser power switch, (key) 4. Click the light, (if the light is not on, see if the emergency stop is on).5. Select on the display frequency (switch) and press OK.6. When the display frequency display is turned off, you can choose to adjust other parameters. Shutdown order: 1. When the display frequency is selected (off), press OK key.2. When the light is out, turn off the laser power supply (key).3. Off the main power supply switch. Environmental requirements: Environmental requirements for dry Dry, room temperature 25 C + 2 C, no dust, no lampblack, no vibration on the ground. The water quality requirement is 100% authentic brand high purity distilled water is recommended to use "Watsons" authentic brand, the installation of the water pipe supplier after the installation can not artificially bend the water pipe.

Analysis of the precautions for the safe and correct use of the laser welding machine:

1. Preparation before using the laser welding machine

Check whether the power supply of the laser welding machine is normal; check whether the gas connection of the equipment is normal; check the machine surface without dust, flower stains and oil pollution.

2. Laser welding machine is on / off

Laser welding machine startup: connect the power supply, open the main power switch; open the water cooler and laser generator in sequence, open the argon valve, adjust the easy gas flow; input the working parameters to be performed; perform the welding operation.

Laser welding machine: exit the procedure, close the laser generator; close the dust collector, water cooler and other equipment in order; close the argon bottle valve; close the main power switch.

laser-beam welding machine

3. laser welding machine safety use precautions

During operation, in any emergency (water leakage, abnormal sound, etc.), immediately stop and quickly cut off the power supply; the external circulating water switch must be switched on before operation. Because the laser system adopts water cooling, the laser power supply adopts air cooling. If the cooling system fails, it is strictly prohibited to start up.

Do not remove any parts of the machine at will, do not weld when the machine safety door is opened, do not use the laser and use the eyes to the laser to avoid injury to the eyes; 5, do not place flammable and explosive materials on the laser light road or where the laser beam can illuminate, so as not to cause fire and explosion.

Robotic laser welding machine

When the laser welding machine works, the circuit is high voltage and strong current. It is forbidden to touch the circuit components in the machine; untrained personnel are forbidden to operate the machine.High degree of automation of laser welding machine welding process is simple. Non-contact operation method can meet the requirements of clean and environmental protection. Using laser welding machining workpiece can improve the work efficiency, the finished workpiece has beautiful appearance, small weld, large welding depth, high welding quality. Laser welding machine is widely used in dental denture processing, keyboard welding, silicon steel sheet welding, sensor welding, battery seal cover welding and so on.

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