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Analysis Of Battery Pack Laser Welding Technology, Choose The Appropriate Laser Welding Machine

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Analysis Of Battery Pack Laser Welding Technology, Choose The Appropriate Laser Welding Machine

In production, choosing an appropriate welding process is related to the production cost, quality and safety of the battery.

Battery laser welding technology:

The battery laser welding technology is to focus the laser beam on a small workpiece. Using its good directionality and high power density, it can form a heat source area in a very short period of time. It melts, forming strong spots and seams, and completes the welding job.

Advantages of laser welding technology:

Using battery laser welding process, energy concentration, high precision, high efficiency, and firm welding. The laser beam is easy to focus, flexible and convenient, and can be redirected between tooling and obstacles, and can precisely control the welding energy, ensuring welding quality and appearance. The whole welding process has lower heat input, less heat-affected zone, lower deformation and residual stress. It adopts non-contact battery laser welding and optical fiber transmission, which has better versatility and higher automation. Laser welding technology can realize high-strength welding of various materials, especially in other materials such as copper and aluminum, which has greater advantages.

Factors Affecting the Quality of Laser Welding Batteries

At present, the welding technology of high-end batteries mainly adopts laser welding technology, but it also has a great impact on its welding quality. For example, some parameters are easy to change, and improper use will cause instability. Therefore, in the high-speed, continuous laser welding process, it should be adjusted properly to ensure the welding quality. The stability and reliability of welding quality directly affect the practicality and industrialization of battery laser welding.

3000w fiber laser welding machine

Artifact Status Notes:

Battery laser welding needs to connect the edges of battery parts. Not only does it require high precision, the position of the light spot and the weld seam must be strictly consistent, and during welding, the initial assembly accuracy of the workpiece and the focusing state of the light spot will not be affected by the transfer of welding heat. This is because the laser spot is smaller, the weld is narrower, and there is no need to add filler.

Battery laser welding machine recommendation: high-speed galvanometer laser welding machine

Applications: prismatic battery, pouch battery pack welding, nickel transfer, stud welding

Process advantages:

The galvanometer welding efficiency is high, which is more than 3 times that of ordinary laser spot welding machines.

Special laser welding software, which can weld points, straight lines and various linear graphics.

The laser has high stability, the laser power can be adjusted, and it is free of daily maintenance.

The power consumption of laser welding is small, and the XY motion axis can be expanded to expand the welding range.

Fly laser welding equipment can weld new energy lithium batteries, square shell batteries, large cells and battery pack pack welding. If you have battery welding needs, welcome to consult!

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