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Advantages Of Laser Welding Machine Compared With Traditional Welding Proces

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Advantages Of Laser Welding Machine Compared With Traditional Welding Proces

With the continuous development of laser welding machines, the scope of use of laser welding machines is also constantly developing, and gradually expanded to various industries, and the reason why laser welding machines are so popular is that compared with other traditional welding techniques, laser welding The main advantages of welding technology are as follows:

1. The laser welding speed is fast, the depth is large, and the deformation is small;

2. The laser can easily realize the time and space separation of the laser beam, and can process multiple beams and multiple stations at the same time, providing conditions for more precise welding;

3. The energy density after laser focusing is high. In the welding of high-power equipment, the depth ratio can reach 5:1, and the maximum can reach 10:1;

3000w fiber laser welding machine

4. The flexibility of laser welding is high, and long-distance welding can be carried out without touching objects. Especially in recent years, optical fiber transmission technology has been adopted in YAG laser technology, which has made laser welding technology popularized and applied;

5. Welding can be carried out at room temperature or in a specific environment, and the equipment is simple. For example, when the laser passes through the electromagnetic field, the laser beam will not shift;

6. Small-scale welding can be carried out. The light spot obtained by polymerization is very small and the position is accurate. It is suitable for mass-produced miniature and small workpieces.

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