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Advantages Of Laser Welding For Lithium Battery Pack Welding

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Advantages Of Laser Welding For Lithium Battery Pack Welding

Fly Laser believes that welding is a very critical process from the production of lithium batteries to the assembly of PACK. Its electrical conductivity, strength, air tightness, metal fatigue and corrosion resistance are typical indicators to measure the quality of battery welding. Lithium battery laser welding machine manufacturer Fly Laser believes that choosing the appropriate welding method and process will directly affect the cost, quality, safety and stability of the battery. Due to its safety, reliability, precision technology, environmental protection and other advantages, it is preferred in many welding industries.

3000w laser welding machine

Advantages of laser welding:

1. Laser welding is an integrated production process from zero to complete from positive electrode, negative electrode materials, separator, electrolyte and other materials.

2. Conventional battery raw materials, which continue to increase in cost, are purchased in large quantities by the ton; raw material purchases for laser equipment are basically one-off, which saves costs.

3. Laser welding can greatly improve the safety, reliability and service life of batteries.

1) Laser welding has high energy density and small welding deformation, which can effectively improve the welding accuracy. It does not contain impurities during welding, is uniform and compact, and does not require additional polishing;

2) Laser welding can be precisely controlled, the light spot is concentrated, the position is precise, it is easy to realize automatic control when combined with the manipulator, the equipment works stably, the operation is simple, the welding efficiency is high, the working time is short, and the cost is low;

3) When laser welding thin sheet or diameter wire, there is no remelting problem caused by arc welding.

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