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Advantages Of Laser Welding And Its Application In New Energy Vehicles

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Advantages Of Laser Welding And Its Application In New Energy Vehicles

Laser welding technology is to concentrate laser energy on a beam, and then process it into a weld on the workpiece. Laser welding mainly includes laser welding host, laser welding head, cable, and cooling system. Laser welding machines include CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, disc YAG lasers, semiconductor lasers, etc.

Laser welding is a new welding technology with optical properties such as refraction and focusing. In addition, laser welding also has the advantages of low heat input, low deformation, and is not affected by strong electromagnetic fields. With the advancement of the times and the continuous development of laser technology, many companies and individuals have abandoned traditional processing methods and turned to laser technology. Next, we will introduce the advantages of laser welding in detail:

1. Microfabrication after welding

2. The welding speed is fast. In order to improve production efficiency, some manufacturers win by quantity, which is a great advantage

3. Constant temperature output

4. Reduce rework, increase productivity, and reduce costs, killing two birds with one stone

5. Improve the appearance and welding quality of the weld bead

6. Improve automation and realize full automation without manual operation

In traditional welding, deformation, hardness reduction, trachoma, cracks, pinholes, scratches, failure of bonding force and destruction of internal stress often occur. The laser welding seam adopts intelligent seam tracking technology and non-contact tracking technology to solve the welding seam defects caused by workpiece position deviation, thermal deformation and other reasons, thereby improving productivity and product quality, and its welding speed 5-10 times faster than traditional welding machines.

Application of laser welding in new energy vehicles

Cars are a daily necessity that enters thousands of households, and the new technologies used in them also reflect its quality to a certain extent. The application of laser in the automotive field mainly includes welding of car body frame parts and welding of automobile batteries. The laser welding technology of traditional fuel vehicles has been applied to a considerable extent in our country, but it is still rare in the production line of electric vehicles. In terms of frame and interior, laser technology will follow the technology of fuel vehicles and gradually expand the laser welding technology. usage of. by 2022. The sales volume of electric vehicles in my country is expected to exceed 3 million units, and the mass production of laser products will also become an inevitable trend in the future. Laser trend The car body widely uses lasers with a power of 4 kW and 6 kW, which puts forward new requirements for high-power automatic laser welding. Fly Laser has laser welding equipment ranging from 1500 watts to 6000 kilowatts, which can serve the new energy automobile industry very well.

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