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Advantages Of Laser Soldering In PCB And FPC Processing

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Advantages Of Laser Soldering In PCB And FPC Processing

The application of laser on PCB mainly includes welding, cutting, drilling, marking, etc., especially welding. Among them, the laser soldering process is compared with the traditional welding process. The laser soldering process is a non-contact welding process. For ultra-miniature electronic substrates and multi-layered electrical components, the traditional welding process is no longer applicable, which has prompted Rapid advances in technology. The processing of ultra-fine parts that are not suitable for traditional welding processes is finally completed by laser soldering.

The processing advantages of Youli automated laser soldering machine:

1. It has a wide range of applications and can be used to weld some other PCB components that are susceptible to heat damage or cracking during welding without contact and will not cause mechanical stress to the welding object;

2. It can illuminate narrow areas where the soldering iron tip cannot enter on dense circuits such as PCB and FPC, and change angles when there is no distance between adjacent components in dense assembly, without heating the entire PCB circuit board;

3. During welding, only the welded area is locally heated, and other non-welded areas do not bear the thermal effect;

4. The welding time is short, the efficiency is high, and the solder joints will not form a thick intermetallic layer, so the quality is reliable;

5. High maintainability. Traditional electric soldering iron welding requires regular replacement of the soldering iron tip, while laser soldering requires very few replacement parts, so maintenance costs can be reduced.

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