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5 Watts UV Laser Marking Machine Radium Engraving Glass Wine Glass Parameters

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5 Watts UV Laser Marking Machine Radium Engraving Glass Wine Glass Parameters

For the 5-watt UV laser marking machine, the parameters of laser engraving glass wine glasses may be different, because specific equipment brands and models will have their own specifications. Here are some common parameters for reference:

1. Laser power: 5 watts
2. Laser wavelength: usually 355 nanometers, representing ultraviolet laser.
3. Delivery method: packaged into an optical fiber output, and the laser is transmitted to the laser engraving head through the optical fiber.
4. Laser engraving speed: It can be adjusted according to the needs and the laser engraving software used.
5. Laser engraving accuracy: Depending on the quality of the equipment and the accuracy of the calibration, usually higher laser engraving accuracy can be achieved.
6. The size of the laser engraving area: According to the specifications of the specific equipment and the range of laser engraving, different sizes of worktables can be selected.
7. Follow-up lens system: used to control the position of the laser beam to ensure accurate laser engraving.
8. Minimum laser engraving line width: The precise laser engraving line width depends on the accuracy of the laser system and the size of the selected font/pattern.
9. Operating system and software support: Windows operating system is usually used, and corresponding laser engraving control software is used.

When laser engraving glass wine glasses, you need to pay attention to the following points:

10. Adjust laser parameters: For glass materials, laser power and speed need to be adjusted to avoid excessive heating or damage to the glass structure.
11. Add adhesives: Appropriate adhesives can be used to improve the adhesion of the laser on the glass surface to achieve better engraving effects.
12. Control the flatness of the glass surface: The flatness of the glass surface also has a certain influence on the effect of laser engraving, so it is necessary to ensure that the glass surface is flat.

Specific device parameters may vary depending on the device model and supplier. It is recommended to discuss and consult with the supplier in detail when selecting the device to ensure that the device meets your needs and application scenarios. In addition, when operating laser engraving equipment, it is necessary to follow the equipment operating guidelines and safety regulations to ensure safe and effective operation.

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