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4 Types Of Welding Common To Laser Welding

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4 Types Of Welding Common To Laser Welding

Battery explosion-proof valve welding: The battery explosion-proof valve is a thin-walled valve body installed on the battery sealing plate. When the internal pressure of the battery is greater than the specified condition, the valve body will break, thereby preventing the battery from exploding. The design of the safety valve is very delicate, and this process requires very high laser welding technology. Before continuous laser welding was not used, pulsed laser welding was used to weld battery explosion-proof valves. The overlap and coverage between solder joints can achieve continuous welding, but its welding efficiency and sealing are relatively poor. Continuous laser welding technology is used to ensure the stability, efficiency and yield of products.

1000w fiber laser welding machine

Battery pole welding: There is an electrode on the battery cover, which consists of two parts, the internal and external connections of the battery. The internal connection of the battery is the welding between the electrodes of the battery cell and the cover plate, while on the outside of the battery, the electrode posts are welded together with connecting pieces to form a series and parallel circuit. The battery's poles are the positive and negative poles, usually made of aluminum, while the negative pole is made of copper. The riveting method is usually adopted, and full welding is carried out after the riveting is completed, and the size is generally 8 round. During the welding process, under the premise of ensuring the pulling and conductivity, high-quality, uniformly distributed fiber lasers or composite welding lasers should be selected. Using fiber lasers and composite welding lasers can realize aluminum-aluminum structures, improve welding quality, and reduce Spatter, improve welding quality. Xinde Laser's laser welding equipment can weld battery tabs very well.

Joint welding: joints and joints are an important part of connecting the battery cover and the battery cell. This method should not only take into account the overcurrent performance, strength and low spatter performance of the battery, but also ensure that it will not fall on the battery cell when welding with the cover plate, so as to avoid short circuit, and copper is the negative electrode material, it is A highly reflective material with less attractive properties.

Shell sealing: The power battery shell is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, mainly aluminum alloy, and pure aluminum is rarely used. Stainless steel is the best laser welding material for lasers. Better welding results can be obtained by using pulsed or continuous laser. Using continuous laser to weld the thin-shell lithium battery, its efficiency can be increased by 5~10 times, and it has good appearance and sealing performance.

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