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3 Disadvantages And 7 Advantages Of Laser Welding

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3 Disadvantages And 7 Advantages Of Laser Welding

Due to the continuous improvement and innovation of new manufacturing technologies in my country, laser welding has been widely used in some high-precision and high-density manufacturing industries, such as medical equipment, precision manufacturing, automobiles, metallurgy and other industries. However, when laser welding is applied, some advantages and disadvantages should also be paid attention to, which must be paid attention to and understood in the operation:

1. Disadvantages

First, laser welding can cause overflow. During the operation of laser welding, once the molten metal pool at the welding joint increases, or the welding position is not found correctly, it will cause the molten metal to overflow, and this will be combined with the base metal again.

Second, the welding deviation in laser welding, which is a situation in which the weld bead deviation occurs in the cross-section of the weld seam in laser welding.

Third, the reinforcement is too high. General welding operations have clear standards for the height of reinforcement. Once the standard is exceeded, it will affect the bearing capacity of the product structure.

The above three problems that will occur in laser welding operations have specified standards in laser welding operations. Generally, these problems can also be found by visual inspection during the operation process. If they can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner, the defects caused by laser welding can be avoided.

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2. Advantages

Advantage 1: Laser welding is not limited by the environment. Normal operations can be carried out under normal temperature, vacuum or other environments, and the beam of laser welding will not "deviate" under the environment of electromagnetic field.

Advantage 2: Laser can weld refractory and heterogeneous materials. Materials such as quartz and titanium can be laser welded, and the effect after welding is also very good.

Advantage 3: It can be accurately positioned. During the laser welding operation, due to the concentration of the laser beam, the power density will increase, and the position can be accurately determined, which is suitable for the welding operation of micro materials.

Advantage 4: The welding material is not easily deformed. Laser welding reduces heat and minimizes possible material deformations due to temperature effects.

Advantage 5: Because the laser welding operation does not use electrodes, there will be no pollution and damage caused by electrodes.

Advantage 6: When welding thinner and finer materials, there will be no problem of remelting.

Advantage 7: Laser welding is fast, can weld deeper seams, and can effectively reduce material deformation.

The above seven points are only some of the advantages of laser welding, and there are more advantages in the practical application of laser welding. If you want to know more, please consult us.

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