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Laser rust removal machine is a generally machine, the workpiece is placed in a fixed position of the machine to remove rust, the rust removal process is limited, there are often dead corners that cannot be removed, and our hands are flexible, handheld lasers The rust removal head can remove rust from the workpiece from any angle.
The general handheld laser cleaning machine can only remove rust on small workpieces, and the parts beyond the working range cannot be rusted, and the hand-held laser rust removal equipment can also remove rust on equipment that is inconvenient to move.

laser cleaner 1000w Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Advantages of handheld laser cleaning machine:

Environmentally friendly:no chemicals or Washing fluid, and the resulting contaminant can be collected and purified by portable extraction fans.

No damage: the laser adopts non-contact cleaning method, the short time of impact does not heat up the metal surface, no damage to the substrate.

Environmental protection: The laser cleaning machine does not need to use any cleaning agent or solvent, and does not need to discharge any harmful waste gas or waste water, so it is highly environmentally friendly.

Efficient: The laser cleaning machine adopts high-energy laser beam, which has fast cleaning speed and high efficiency, and can quickly and accurately remove stains and deposits.

Low cost: no consumables consumption during the use of laser cleaning machine, the later only need for regular cleaning or replacement of the lens, low maintenance costs, close to maintenance-free.

Easy to clean: The spot movement is controlled by the built-in scanning galvanometer, which is convenient for cleaning the parts, such as special-shaped parts, holes, and grooves

Economical: The laser cleaning machine does not need to use any cleaning agents or solvents, so it can save cleaning costs.

Safety: The laser cleaning machine adopts non-contact cleaning technology, which avoids the potential safety hazards that may be caused by the use of chemical substances in traditional cleaning methods.

Wide range of materials: laser cleaning can remove contaminants on the surface of various materials to achieve a cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning.

Multi-function: The laser cleaning machine can clean various kinds of surfaces, not limited by object material, size, shape, etc.

High precision: The laser cleaning machine can clean different kinds of surfaces with high precision, and can remove very small stains without damaging the surface.

Automation: It can be integrated with robots to realize automatic cleaning, form assembly line operations, and operate intelligently.

For example, the mold directly affects the quality of tires, tire mold surface will have patterns. In addition, the mold will often be used in high temperature and high humidity environment, so there will be a lot of rubber or other residues left inside the groove, After a period of time, the shape and structure of the produced mold will be affected, so it is especially important to keep the tire molds clean.
The use of laser cleaning of the mold surface dirt and production residues, which is the physical cleaning. This cleaning method is efficient and environmentally friendly, no pollution, and good cleaning effect. Using laser cleaning can reduce the cost of use by 50%, and can greatly improve the product qualification rate.

If you want to know the price of handheld laser cleaner, please contact us!

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